Giggling Facts of Plumbing


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There are certain funny facts on plumbing which would come across as amusing to many, but nevertheless we recognize the iconic and random stuff which exist in the hubble-bubble industry.
• For starter, did you know that copper piping isn’t a new concept but is almost 3000 years old? And it was first founded by the Egyptians while they were laying down their own independent piping.
• Shockingly, the average time a human would spend inside the toilet is almost 3 years of their lifetime.
• Ten years down the line, the costing of dual flush will be approximately $250 while single flush will be around $750.
• First toilet was discovered in China over 2000 years ago, which obviously was very different from what it is today. It was build up with stones and was considered to be quiet uncomfortable.
• Most famous and fabulous plumbers were considered to be Luigi and Mario.
• Funnily enough, each person has the chance to be hurt by the toilet once in their life.
• Thomas Crapper was not the one who invented the toilet (well I know the name suggest otherwise) but he just bought patent rights.
• Ironically, the direction of the flush water move with the hemisphere.
• Different cultures of different countries throughout the history gave the bathrooms iconic names. While the Egyptians thought that ‘house of horror’ is a suited name, Romans called it ‘necessarium’, England gave it the honour of ‘house of privacy’ and the French settled with smelly house.
• Phrases like, take a dump, answer natures call or take a leak is used for the loo.
• Also anyone who’s looking for becoming a plumber or taking it as their profession must know that it needs rigorous training.
Though the facts might have brought a smile on your face, doing a job of a plumber is not a cake walk. One should thank them for their tiresome and fantastic job that they do quiet effortlessly.

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