How To Identify Poor Practice By Your Plumber in Sydney


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Your plumber Sydney should be an expert that you can bank on at all times of the year and under all conditions.

This is a practice that warrants experience, knowledge, aptitude and diligence.

From the installation of pipes and fixtures to managing gas and hot water system, fixing leaks and breaks and conditioning the drainage and irrigation models around a premises, much of the value of a home or office can be traced to the initiative of a reliable plumber.

No matter if you are a domestic client concerned with your house or a commercial operator needing upkeep with your firm’s office or factory floor, the same principles will usually apply.

Being in the position of the client, you must be able to understand when a red flag is raised to identify poor practice with Sydney plumbers.

This is how you can point out a quality professional from a poor one.


Overcharging and Adding Additional Costs Regularly

One of the common reservations consumers have with calling up a plumber in Sydney is the threat that they will overcharge for a small fix that they could undertake themselves. Confident DIY specialists might have this attitude in most circumstances, yet there is a need on behalf of the operator to ensure that they outline what the costs will be before any transaction or project starts in earnest. Those callouts that end up with an escalating bill that shocks and dismays the customer is a surefire signal that they have taken the customer for granted and are charging over the industry standard.




Failing to Bring Correct Equipment

There are new and improved tools that a plumber in Sydney will utilize as well as those that are universal for any job big or small. This can include any of the following:

  • Basin wrench
  • Hose cutter
  • Site light
  • Rod cutter
  • Impact driver
  • Metal file
  • Channel lock
  • Hole saw
  • Drain augers
  • Rotary hammer
  • Cloth
  • Bending tool
  • Magnet locator
  • Pipe wrench
  • Pliers
  • WiFi compatible pipe camera with touch screen


If a plumber turns up on the premises for a city home or office and they have to return to base to locate the right equipment, they are clearly unprepared. No job in this department should be above their remit.


Struggling to Comprehend/Solve The Issue

There are just some fundamentals that a client should know immediately if their plumber in Sydney is up the role or not. If they cannot resolve the issue or worse, comprehend the problem, then this leaves you no choice but to seek another provider. From a leaked faucet to a broken pipe or an overflow from the toilet, your plumber must be a confident trade professional to cut the problem off at the source.


Poor Communication

Communication is the bedrock of all healthy business-to-client relationships. That also applies to your plumber in Sydney as they should be able to explain what the issue is, how they can solve it and what the costs will include. Failure to acknowledge any of those points should alert you to a red flag.


Lack of Customer Service Infrastructure

In 2018 it should be universal that you can call upon a plumber in Sydney through a comprehensive customer service portal. With a 24/7 platform open, you should be able to outline what the issue is, where you are located, given an approximate timeframe and scheduled for an appointment and callout. This would ideally be run through a secretary or service desk operator.



Fortunately for the client, there is no shortage of options to locate a plumber in Sydney who will tick all of the right boxes. From outlining the cost in complete detail to bringing the right equipment, comprehending and solving the problem, delivering transparent communication and utilizing a solid customer service framework, these are the benchmarks you should be expecting.


Throw away the notion that “tradies will be tradies” because in 2018, we should be demanding the highest possible service. Ensure that your hired expert meets this standard within the Sydney market.


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