How to install broiler properly?

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It is recommended that a boiler is serviced at least once a year and while there is no set standard for what a boiler service should cover, there are several key points that installers should cover to ensure a high-quality service for customers.

Firstly, although there might be a temptation to get the job finished quickly, it is important not to rush. You are much less likely to miss something if time and care is taken to thoroughly check both the boiler and the system. This helps reassure the customer that they are receiving the service they have paid for and that their boiler is in full working order.

The initial step should be to ask the customer about any problems they have been experiencing with the boiler or heating system. This will not only make you aware of any pre-existing faults but may also provide an indication of other issues. For example, if the homeowner reports that the central heating system is slow to warm up, or that the radiators have cold spots, it could be a sign of sludge and contamination in the system.

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