Plumbing Makes the Trouble Drown in the Drain


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Yes that’s true. It’s the plumber which actually flushes out all your worries and makes you look at the brighter side of life. But what’s more fun than making them solves your issue is to actually know the interesting terms used by them to solve it. I know you’re wondering what could be possibly fun about the plumbing terms, but you’d be surely surprised to know.
• Drip Channel
Surely not your TV channel, it’s a channel of metal used by them which is designed in order to stop the running water from a shower. It also refrains it from coming out of the door when it’s opened.
• Nipple
I know where your thought is going but don’t get too excited. This term is used for a small length pipe which is installed between fittings or couplings.
• O-Ring
If you’re thinking Space Shuttle, hell no! It’s a circled rubber washer to create tight seal for water near valve stems.
• Aerator
It’s certainly not biology. But the plumbers have invented their own ideology. It basically reduces the water splashing flow. This device is screwed in the faucet spout to control the aggressive water flow.
• Snake
Yes, the reptile. Nah, just kidding! It’s a long coil or flexible metal wire used for the cleaning of drains, also known as Plumbers Snake.
• Inserting male hose right into female fitting
This concept is also known as mating. Let me make it clearer, anything with outside threading is considered male and threading which is in the inside is considered female. And naturally, male parts screw into the female ones.
• Hardness Leakage
The deposits of magnesium and calcium cause hardness on mineral bed. That’s what is known as hardness leakage.
I expect that certain terms that we use to remain clueless about while the plumbers would nonchalantly talk about is quiet clear in our heads too. So now you know what they mean when they say snake or nipple.

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