Plumbing Secrets Disclosed


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Well cooking, bathing, cleaning etc seems to be a smooth and hassle free job until the water is flowing the way it’s expected to. As long as it’s working it’s all cool unless it stops, that’s when the panic kicks in. The credit of our civilized society to remain intact does go to the plumbing professionals as they remain patient while being squeezed under our sink. But there are things which they keep as a secret, let’s find out what exactly that is.

• Toilet clogs? Not the worst thing.
The kitchen sinks of restaurants tops the list here. They say that things tend to get clogged and solid down there which stinks to no end. This often leads them to throw up or throw their clothes entirely.
• Flushing the mobile phones is a bad idea.
Surprisingly there are many people who end up throwing their phones in the toilet (by mistake ofcouse). But the bigger mistake they commit is by flushing it down thinking it would go away which is obviously not the case. It gets stuck. They just wish people wouldn’t do that.
• Some other things which shouldn’t be flushed
It consists of feminine products (which tend to swell along with the fluid) and also flushable wipes; they largely clog the area and make it difficult to work.
• Plumbing or Flirting
Yes, they are hit on quiet often. Since they are manly and well built, ladies out there do find them attractive. After all, little flirting does not harm anybody, does it?
• Getting sick
The kind of encounters plumbers go through with human secretion and wastes, leads them to many kinds of illness. That includes hepatitis, parasites and even E.coli. So the journey is usually rough, as you know the dirty splashes cover their hands and face.
These are few secrets out of the many revealed to you. After all it’s not smooth and easy as it looks like. But, certainly the plumbers work with such perfection and efficiency making it look like an easy job.

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