Why Are Plastic Pipes Better Than Copper Pipes

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Are you unable to decide whether to choose plastic or copper pipe for your home plumbing works? This is a dilemma that most homeowners have to deal with while setting up a new plumbing line or replacing an existing damaged one. There are pros and cons of using both plastic and copper but a deeper analysis will reveal that plastic holds an edge over copper in more than one aspect.

Does Not Corrode
Plastic pipes are better than copper and this has something to do with science. Copper is a metal and when it combines with water and air, a chemical reaction takes place leading to corrosion over a period of time. Plastic does not undergo any chemical reaction with air or water and is hence extremely durable.

Flexible And Easy To Handle
When compared to copper, plastic is more versatile and extremely flexible. They are the right choice if you want to make the outside of your home or building look aesthetically better. The ductile nature of plastic makes it the ideal material for water pipelines as it reduces the need for using bends. It can be placed and routed through floors and narrow spaces in walls by suitably bending, cutting or joining. Copper pipes do not allow such conveniences.

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